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Securing non-stop service to Edmonton has been a top priority for the Nanaimo Airport team for several years.  Unfortunately the dropping oil prices have created a new priority for one of our Airline partners.

WestJet has made the difficult decision to redeploy a number of their Q400 aircraft from Western Canada to more robust markets during this economic downturn. A number of cities in several western provinces are affected by route cancellations and frequency reductions.  The newly launched Nanaimo to Edmonton service will be suspended as of March 5.

With only a few months of service in non-peak travel months, we’re realistic we will need residents’ help to demonstrate the real potential for the route.

As our last month of service is during February, we have kicked off the “Show Your Love” campaign, created to encourage Central Island Residents to share the strong connection and commitment they have to Edmonton and why this route is important.

Unfourtunately our last flight was on March 4th, 2016 – CLICK HERE to view the video and please keep “Showing your Love” below to ensure when the economy picks up, YCD-YEG is one of the first routes to be considered for reinstatement.

We’re asking Central Island Residents to “Show Your Love”, and participate in the campaign

Residents can express their “love” in a number of ways:

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Fill out the form below and share a personal story and connection as why travel to Edmonton is important to you.

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We encourage you to post the “Show Your Love” icon on your social media pages with a story of “Love for Edmonton” to share with your friends.

Right click the image below and copy to your clipboard or save to your desktop and then share on your favorite social media site(s). Thanks!

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If you were thinking of travelling to Edmonton, accelerate your travel plans, and book a trip using the service before the March 5 suspension.

Planning your trip is easy.  Two great resources:

WestJet Logo
explore _edmonton_grey

Tourism Edmonton for all the latest events and must do activities

The collection of personal information is voluntary, feel free to submit your story anonymously.  If you do provide us with your personal information, you consent to the use of your personal information in accordance with our privacy statement. The Commission will not disclose any personal information to any third party, except as required by law or as is necessary to fulfill your request. View our full policy at


"We have 10 years on Vancouver Island. We were hoping and waiting for a direct flight to Edmonton with Westjet and It happened! We took one return flight to Edmonton to visit our family in January, wasn't it a treat to fly directly back to Nanaimo from Edmonton! Here's hoping enough people get booking their trips to keep the flight available, otherwise we will continue to hope and wait for Westjets return!

− Rhonda & Ed Shirley, Ladysmith

"I've lived in Nanaimo for 3 years, but I was born and raised in Edmonton. Almost my entire family lives there, and I visit around 4 times per year. I was so excited about the new non-stop flight from YCD to YEG, as it meant saving time and money when traveling home to see my loved ones (plus, the same for them when they travel to see me!). This route is of great importance to me, I hope it is reinstated as soon as possible.

− Daisy Feehan

"We were so excited about the direct flight and already planning our next trip. Unfortunately, I'm not able to go before the service is dis continued :(. My hope is that this decision is reversed. If so I know my family will certainly take this direct flight several times a year!

− Patti Openshaw, Chemainus BC

"Now, I have a special little person that travels with me - my daughter. It is so important to both of us to have this route so that there are options for us to see my family. Not only for us flying out, but also for my family flying in. It at least gives me the sense that I'm not so far away and allows my parents to be a big part of their granddaughter's life... Easily and conveniently. Please consider keeping this route. There are many of us that it is so important to.

− Katie, Edmonton

"after travel to the island for near 35 years and having a direct flight to Nanaimo from Edmonton is and now was amazing. I got to use this the first time last week. I have been traveling to this airport since the airport was an ATCO trailer. I am truly disappointed that this flight is canceled after being in service for less then a month.
Edmonton is home, but I have family, friends and business there. this made it easy on planning my fishing trips and visiting family. "

− Gus Rettschlag, Edmonton

"Grandkids are in Edmonton and what greater way to connect than flying directly back and forth without having to go thru YVR

− Lajla Stevenson, Parksville

"I grew up in Edmonton and moved to Nanaimo three years ago. I've travelled to Edmonton over ten times in those three years, and was so happy that WestJet finally scheduled a direct flight to Edmonton. We still have a lot of family and friends there, and if the flight is reinstated, I plan to use it several more times throughout the year.

− Jason Lee, Nanaimo

"My daughter lives in Northern Saskatchewan, about 3 hours by car from Edmonton. I miss her to the moon and back. It was so wonderful to be able to fly to Edmonton and spend the entire weekend doing girly stuff. Without the direct flight it would have taken most of the weekend just getting there and back. The direct flight made the weekend possible.

− Sylvia, Chemainus